• A partner of jiangxi province,China Mrs Hou We hope Mrs Hou will make more profits in her business.
  • A partner of Hunan province,China Mrs zhang At present, I joined 2 stores has been looking for a store, and believe that the store's location will be very successful.
  • The store of 2358 company Mr Song The turnover of that day reached 69880 yuan, and the average turnover in the noramal day was about 18000 RMB
  • The partner of shanghai,China Mr sun I am currently operating three stores, and I feel that 2358 is becoming more and more mature.
  • The partner of heilongjiang Mr Cheng I started to contact this project in October, 2016, and opened my first 2358 store in that month.

Brand name:wenbo HOT LINE : 400-870-2358
ADDRESS :2358 Cultural entrepreneurship Park,yiwu city, China
Product positioning: EXCELLENT IDEA CHEAP
Product concept: From life, From nature, With authenticity
Brand goal: Korean brand, global linkage
Brand slogan: No perfect individual, only a perfect team
Brand values: integrity, honesty, help, embrace change, create possibilities!

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