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At present, Mrs Hou in Pingxiang city, Jiangxi province has three 2358 stores, all of them with the size about 100 square meters. Before she became the franchisee of 2358, Mrs hou had operated accessory shops -- Ayaya, whose inventory is too large but the operating category is too simple. So Mrs hou joined the 2358 under the recommendation of a friend. At first, she just regarded it as a try. Unexpectedly, the sales volume of the first operation day from opening hour to 23:00 at that day hit 68321 RMB. Less than three months later, Mrs Hou had changed another two stores into 2358 inclusive stores. We hope Mrs Hou will make more profits in her business.

Brand name:wenbo HOT LINE : 400-870-2358
ADDRESS :2358 Cultural entrepreneurship Park,yiwu city, China
Product positioning: EXCELLENT IDEA CHEAP
Product concept: From life, From nature, With authenticity
Brand goal: Korean brand, global linkage
Brand slogan: No perfect individual, only a perfect team
Brand values: integrity, honesty, help, embrace change, create possibilities!

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