The store of 2358 company

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The outlet 2358 store in Santing Road,.Yiwu, with the annual rent of 500 thousand yuan and the area of 100 square meters, conducted its soft opening on March 7th,2016. While the items were being displayed at 6:00am on that day, a great number of customers were attracted by its unique design. Before long, almost all the products have been snapped up and the operation time had been expanded to 2:00 am on the next day. All of the three cash registers had all been put into use. The turnover of that day reached 69880 yuan, and the average turnover in the noramal day was about 18000 RMB. what's more, the accumulated turnover in the following three months hit 2.4 million RMB. The remarkable profits have attracted a great deal of potential investors and franchisees as well as the customers from foreign countries. 

Brand name:wenbo HOT LINE : 400-870-2358
ADDRESS :2358 Cultural entrepreneurship Park,yiwu city, China
Product positioning: EXCELLENT IDEA CHEAP
Product concept: From life, From nature, With authenticity
Brand goal: Korean brand, global linkage
Brand slogan: No perfect individual, only a perfect team
Brand values: integrity, honesty, help, embrace change, create possibilities!

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