The partner of heilongjiang

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GM Cheng's store is located in Heilongjiang, northeastern China province. He had operated small business and departments store before. Whereas, without the operational support and management of the headquarters, his stores had to closed for the poor sales. At one time, he came across a 2358 store that just opened up. He took a great deal of interest in our company and directly signed the contract after deep understanding of the trend and business opportunity of fast fashion. His store openned within a month after the sign of the contract and the turnover of the openning day reached 39800 RMB. 

Brand name:wenbo HOT LINE : 400-870-2358
ADDRESS :2358 Cultural entrepreneurship Park,yiwu city, China
Product positioning: EXCELLENT IDEA CHEAP
Product concept: From life, From nature, With authenticity
Brand goal: Korean brand, global linkage
Brand slogan: No perfect individual, only a perfect team
Brand values: integrity, honesty, help, embrace change, create possibilities!

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