The point that attached greatest importance should be the service quality

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In the course of fast fashion department brand development, the point that attached greatest importance should be the service quality. There are a great deal of factors that can affect the operation of outlet, such as the appearance and the quality of the products, price and display, which all belong to hardware facilities. But, most customers view the software facilities as the most significant, which means the service quality in outlets. High-quality service will always make customers feel comfortable, which in turn will bring you the return customers. From that perspective, the excellent service is amount to a perfect advertisements of the brand and outlet. Take the three stores newly opened in Iraq to illustrate, it is through advancing the quality of service that help their sales volume reached 10 thousand dollars.


  In nowadays situation, the fierce competition among all the brands in fast fashion department line make none of the brands can possess the overwhelming superiority no matter in appearance, quality or price. Now, only the method of elevating service quality to cater to the interests of customers can serve as the most important thing in a bid to obtain opportunities in competition. Let’s take the newly opened Shanwei store for example, due to the intense competition from the other similar lines in nearby regions as well as its special location where the potential customers are mainly neighboring residents and students the franchisee and the manager have made a series of endeavor to attract customers through conducting field activities. The shop assistants were leaded to drawn children’s attention through dressing in a mascot costume to bring more customer and sales volumes. Besides, the given-away activities also have won widespread commend from the customers. The performance of the shop assistance working in the store has exhibited the excellent training effect before the opening, they not only did a good job in protecting the products from thefts and damage, but also promoting the products act

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