It is 2358 that finally make him scale the heights of life

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He spent 10 years in striving success in Shanghai. However, it is 2358 that finally make him scale the heights of life.759671937913829987.jpg 

He have been in line with bags & leather business for 10 years before He came across the 2358 store in Binwang night market. Once He have seen the store, all of its products, shelves, lighting have attracted me much. On that day, He have met General Song, and eventually decided to open a 2358 store after the extensive communication with him. Incredibly, In the first store I opened, the turnover of the first 20 days’ had reached 300 thousand yuan. Not after long, my second 2358 store has opened. Now, He am considering to open another four 2358 stores in 2017.



Brand name:wenbo HOT LINE : 400-870-2358
ADDRESS :2358 Cultural entrepreneurship Park,yiwu city, China
Product positioning: EXCELLENT IDEA CHEAP
Product concept: From life, From nature, With authenticity
Brand goal: Korean brand, global linkage
Brand slogan: No perfect individual, only a perfect team
Brand values: integrity, honesty, help, embrace change, create possibilities!

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